Scheme at a Glance


The original Scheme comprised of Trench Weir of having one Service Gate. The other components included an Intake structure on the left side of Trench Weir, a short Approach Channel to convey water from Intake to the Desilting Basin, head race Tunnel up to Surge shaft. Penstock, Power House was envisaged. The Power House accommodated with capacity of 9.6 MW. Tail Race Channel was proposed to release the water to the Satluj River.

The Scheme

The Jeori Hydro-Electric Project envisages construction of a Power House with an installed capacity of 9.6 MW.

The main components of the Scheme as planned are:

  1. Trench Weir & Intake
  2. Power Channel
  3. De silting Basin
  4. Head Race Tunnel
  5. Surge Shaft
  6. Surface Power House to accommodate generating units and with service bay, control room, switchgear room, office etc.
  7. An Out Door Yard (ODY)
  8. Transmission line